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Night Betrayers is currently recruiting the following:
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Bruiser (1)
Monk (1)
Coercer (1)
Illusionist (1)
Necromancer (1)
Warlock (1)
Wizard (1)
Defiler (1)
Mystic (2)
Templar (1)
Warden (1)
Assassin (1)
Dirge (2)
Swashbuckler (1)
Troubador (1)
Guild Charter

A few souls lost in Norrath, set out to form this guild called the Night Betrayers.

home to many that need to learn the ways of the world.
The teachings of the Council are there to be shared.
Never again shall a Norrathian go without the knowledge they need whilst in this guild....

News Articles    
By Strombold, Jan 28, 12 6:39 AM


   Several late night, Night Betrayers starting rallying more and more towards HQ's and Writs last night... around 3am PST the guild attained final level. Special Congratulations to Freeziaxx who turned in the final writ in order to attain the guild level. Thanks goe... Read More

Chrono Mash - level 31+ Follow-Up
By Windsweper1980, Jan 28, 12 12:48 AM

Beyond the depths of level 90's and below, Chrono'ing down to level 30 conquering the depths of Crushbone Keep and then submerging into The D'Vinnian Throne after showing all the orcs and high elf shadies that we are THE BEST! But the adventure wasn't over there. As we all press deep into ... Read More

The Journey is Half the Fun - Lvl 50 HQ Follow-Up
By Tenro, Jan 15, 12 1:44 AM

Was a pretty good run!  Ran 7 zones, had many updates, a few aa dings, and some good sights to see!  Hopefully everyone enjoyed the run and hope to see all of you in the next runs!

Thanks to Greenknight, Pasrean, Neiria, and Lucidity for showing up!

Thanks to all w... Read More

Level 90 Starter Armor - Ry'Gorr Armor Sets Follow-Up
By Strombold, Jan 6, 12 12:11 AM

Many people showed to this event... guess those level 90's needed some gear. Thanks to Rippersnapper that took the time to make everything.

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Night Betrayers Shall RISE AGAIN!!!!
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